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Quality Control Team


what process do you have in place now?


quality check of raw materials?

quality control people on staff, Qty:
quality check of parts in process:
quality check of assemblies:

First, inspecting of drawing, technology and processing

All the drawing of products will be analyzed on process and forming by our designers, who all have more than ten years experience in display fixtures manufactory. We make out our own assembling, KD and detail drawings to make sure every size and every step act right, as well as the basic file of QC.


Purchasers purchase the raw material and packing material following the BOM of the drawings.
IQC will inspect all the material according the BOM SPC and SOP. For all vendors we make supplier
performance scorecard for them to ensure better supplier and raw material certifications are requied by


Charger of each shop will offer the first sample to cooperate IPQC of each department before mass produce. After that, IPQC need to spot check during process every half hour and make sure all the products have no difference to the first sample. When the in processing products transfer from one department to next one, IPQC of next department will inspect them as IQC. They accept the OK products only and refused the NG products of former department. Our target is to realizing free of NG products.

Our processing includes pole cutting, punch, sheet shearing, sheet bending , wire drawing, point weld, CO2 weld, AR weld, CU weld, polish, powder coating, chrome, packing, loading.


OQC will inspect all the finished products before loading, and make sure they have no problem on assembling and shipping.

From drawing to loading, we QC every step, require all the workers on line to have quality sense and inspect themselves every second. Try to make everything first time right and each time right. So that we can have high quality and high efficiency together and offer our customer with competitive price, nice quality and JIT delivery.